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You Wouldn't Want To Live In Pompeii! A Volcanic Eruption You'd Rather Avoid

You Wouldnt Want To Live In Pompeii

Franklin Watts

Author: John Malam


A simple look at the tragedy in Pompeii.
I'm going to reveal to you this brilliant child's book called You Wouldn't Want To Live In Pompeii!. The author is John Malam and the publisher is Franklin Watts. It was available on the 1st of March, 2008. The book has 32 pages and it is stuffed with delightfully colored illustrations, add to cart by selecting the hyperlink below.

It's not so bad becoming a slave in ancient Pompeii. Your owners treat you well and you reside in a thriving city. But what's up with all the dead fish floating in the river and the gas smell escaping from the ground? You far better say your prayers, because when Mount Vesuvius blows its top, no one particular will almost certainly be spared!


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