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If I Were A Kid In Ancient Egypt: Children Of The Ancient World

If I Were A Kid In Ancient Egypt Children

Cricket Books

Author: Cobblestone Publishing

If I Were A Kid In Ancient Egypt: Children Of The Ancient World is a wonderful child's book. Written by Cobblestone Publishing and it was published sometime in February of 2007 by Cricket Books. This is the 1st ed. is 32 pages long and it has delightfully colored illustrations. To see the great deal I found, check out our store add to cart button below.

Ancient Egypt is amongst amongst essentially essentially the most evocative cultures for young readers. There was no school, since most people couldn't study or write, and no should worry about fashion, because youngsters didn't put on clothes! If I Were a Kid in Ancient Egypt takes readers via daily life inside a vibrant culture that pioneered paper, linen, irrigation, medicine, and considerably more, and shows how these inventions came about and how they affected the culture's younger citizens. Rich or poor, their properties would happen to develop to be created of mud bricks. This book shows them what their lives would have been like there.


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