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The Ancient City: Life In Classical Athens And Rome

Ancient City Life In Classical Athens

Oxford University Press, USA

Author: Peter Connolly

Children love this terrific book. The author is Peter Connolly and it was published in May of 1998 by Oxford University Press, USA. The child's book has 256 pages and it offers plans also it and it provides artistically colored illustrations of maps. If you prefer a copy of this book, check out the market add to shopping cart button below.

In this superbly illustrated volume, Athens and Rome, the two greatest cities of antiquity, spring to life through the masterful pen of Peter Connolly. Visit Nero's Golden Palace as well as the buildings subsequently built more than it, the Colosseum, the Flavian Palace, the Baths of Trajan, the Temple of Venus and Roma, at the identical time as other buildings for example the Circus Maximus, the Theatre of Marcellus, and Trajan's Forum and Market. His illustrations and reconstructions have a unique authority, supplying the beginning point for a fascinating exploration of these cities and the lives in the men and women who inhabited them. The fascinating artwork and vivid descriptions offer a window into the great history of these two extraordinary cities and civilizations. The initial component of The Ancient City covers the development of Athens inside the hundred years following the Persian Wars, which began inside the 4th century B. C. These chapters encompass the Golden Years of Athens; the establishment of democracy; the constructing of the Parthenon, the Erechtheum, and the municipal buildings in the Agora; a typical Athenian workday; and also the construction of the Long Walls. The Ancient City might be the crowning achievement of Peter Connolly's distinguished career. Part II examines the improvement of Rome in the hundred years from Nero (emperor of Rome from A. D. 54 to 68) to Hadrian (emperor of Rome from A. D. 117 to 138) --the great building period of Rome. For the very first time ever, all the evidence has been painstakingly pieced together to reconstruct the architectural wonders of these mighty civilizations. By re-creating their public buildings, their temples, shops, and houses, Connolly reveals every aspect of a person's life in glorious detail, like religion, food, drama, games, and the baths. In addition to reading in regards to the great monuments and moments of classical Greece and Rome, readers learn about a typical day in the life of an Athenian plus a Roman. They read about--and see--the homes males and ladies inhabited; attend 5-day festivals and go to the theatre; fight great battles and witness the birth of Rome's navy; visit temples and spend per day at the races.


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